Passion. Dedication. Expertise. These are all attributes that describe the team behind 10pastTEN. Born out of a love for vintage watches, this site is the culmination of years of hard work, aiming to bring to you the very best selection of vintage Rolex timepieces available anywhere. Whether it’s your first Submariner that you aim to acquire, or perhaps a rare Oyster Paul Newman Daytona, we can help you realize your dream watch.


Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand "Straight Seconds"

REF. 1655

We're pleased to bring you a freshly serviced and detailed Ex-2 "Straight Seconds". Made for a very short period of time, this version is highly sought after by collectors, and is increasingly difficult to find in any condition.

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Tudor Blue "Snowflake" Submariner with Papers

REF. 94110

Seldom do you find Tudor Snowflake Submariners with original punched papers, so this specimen is a real treat. Coming on a nato strap, this watch is very beautiful and in original condition. This watch is the inspiration for the new Tudor Black Bay line, and is simply beautiful.

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Rolex Red Submariner "Box and Papers"

REF. 1680

A great complete example of Red Submariner! Rolex's first Submariner with a date, the 1680 was produced for a long time, and with many different dial variations. This particular one was produced circa 1970, and is in excellent condition. Comes with inner and outer box, booklets, casebook sticker, punched guarantee paper, etc. (Unfortunately the serial number is obscured on the green hang tag.) Even the original price tag is affixed to the outer box!

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Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 6542 "Ultra Tropical Dial"

REF. 6542

Wow. This is a watch that needs to be seen to be believed. There are no superlatives in the English language that can effectively describe the beauty of this piece. Featuring a ultra brown caramel tone dial and original bakelite bezel insert, this is truly a stunner. This is the ultimate GMT, and would bee the centerpiece of any advanced collection. We have yet to see another so beautiful, and not sure when we'll see another like it.

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A reformed Panerai collector (We've all been there right?!) who has now converted his collection to a Rolex centric one, Rick Orrick is a great guy. By day he's an endodontist helping guys like us when we need that painful root canal and by night, he's actively on VRF and other sites looking at watches and hoping his wife doesn't catch him. A perfectionist of sorts, Rick is always looking to add pieces to his collection that pass his critical eye and definition of quality. He is this week's Horological Minute.
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