The Horological Minute

With The Horological Minute, Eric Ku and 10 Past Ten engage in a fascinating dialog with collectors and members of the watch industry, as they discuss anything and everything about watches. Think of it as the Proust Questionnaire for the watch aficionado.

Ross Povey
An expert on all things Tudor, Ross Povey has quickly become one of the go to guys to contact when you've got a question about that peculiar engraving on the back of your Tudor, or anything about your Tudor for that matter. Based in the UK and an academic during business hours, Ross has been an invaluable asset to the vintage Rolex community, helping navigate complicated deals and making sure the VRM is a safe place to buy and sell. Other horological pursuits include, a Tudor-centric informational site. A friend indeed to the entire collectors community, he is this week's Horological Minute.

What was your first watch?

My first watch was a vintage Air-King reference 5500 from 1967. I bought it with my final pay cheque from my job as a lecturer in music when I left London Metropolitan University to relocate to be near my wife-to-be. My wife and I visited The Old Watch Shop (Mike Wood's UK-based shop) and although my wife knew nothing about watches, she picked this one out because of its beautiful patina and unusual dial. To this day it is my most special watch and I would never part with it.

What was the last watch you bought?

My latest acquisition was a vintage Tudor Homeplate chronograph reference 7031. It came from the son of the original owner and even has the original papers. For me, the 7031 is probably Tudor's most iconic watch of all time.

Do you prefer vintage or modern?

Primarily I love vintage watches, however Tudor's Heritage releases are pieces that I love to wear. The spirit of the original watches that inspired them is there, but in a modern watch that can be worn day to day.

Can you remember your last great meal? Where was it and what did you eat?

The best meal of the week for me is always breakfast at the weekend. In the Povey household we are really into coffee, so we'll always have some new beans to try along with our traditional fry-up! It is so unhealthy, but so much fun and it's the best meal ever because I get to share, and to catch up on, all of the news, gossip and nonsense with my wife and the kids.

Do you remember what watch you were wearing?

I tend to wear something robust, that can take the a Tudor MilSub is perfect!

What do you love about vintage Rolex?

For me, the oyster case is one of the finest designs of the 20th century. Aesthetically, it is perfect in so many ways and the combination of this with a beautifully patinated dial and a plexi crystal is about as good as a watch can get.

Strap or bracelet?

I am a big fan of the Italian hand made leather straps on my watches. Working with Bernhard, as part of Bulang and Sons, on creating the different ranges and types of these straps is great as I get to try them all!


I always go back to the Submariner as my favourite. The Maxi dialled 5513s are the most beautiful of the Rolex Submariners in my opinion. If I could own only one Submariner though, it would be a great quality blue Tudor Snowflake on a NATO strap.

What do you want to see come out from Rolex at the next Basel Fair?

Tudor have had phenomenal success at Basel each year for the past few years and I am already excited to see what they will release in their Heritage range next year. A three-register 'Big Block' chronograph re-edition would be a great addition to the range.

What's on your wrist today??

Today I'm wearing my 7031 Homeplate - as I have been for the past few weeks.

The Horological Minute
feat. Joshua Ganjei
This week we bring to you an interview with Joshua Ganjei, a second generation watch dealer based in Boston, MA. Joshua got his start in the business early, causing trouble at the European Watch Company store at a very young age. Eight years ago, he officially joined the family business. The European Watch Company has been a fixture on Newbury Street in Boston for over 25 years, and was started by Joshua's father Albert. In the store they carry a fine selection of both new and vintage watches. Joshua's real passion lay with vintage watches, as he as worked hard to expand their business in that area with his knowledge of various different brands, not just Rolex. A genuine vintage enthusiast, we're proud to have Joshua as this week's Horological Minute.
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