Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller "Tropical Mark 2 Thin Case"

1665: This beautiful watch is from one of the earliest batches, predating even some Patent Pending and Single Red SDs by serial number. These early models have a "thin-case",which exhibit a sleeker profile similar to a 1680 Submariner, and very different than that of the later 1665. Having a very warm tone chocolate tropical dial and a beautiful overall look, this is a must have piece for the dive watch enthusiast!


Not unpolished nor perfect, this is an excellent condition thin case early Sea-Dweller that has been lovingly worn and taken care of by its original owner for 40+ years. Serial and ref numbers between the lugs are strong, as is the case overall. Original bezel insert missing the tritium pearl. Caseback engravings are strong, and matching last 3 digits of the S/N can be found inside the case back.


A beautiful and very "chocolate" MK2 dial in excellent shape. No surface scratches and nice light colored lume that match the hands. The dial is overall very brown, with a slightly more caramel color around the date aperture.


Comes on an original 9135 folded link bracelet with 285 end pieces and a date stamp of 3rd quarter 1969. Bracelet has 12 links and is in very good-excellent condition with light stretch.







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