Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 6542 "Original Bakelite"

Ref. 6542: Here we have a beautiful example of a 6542 acquired from the original owner. Having lived a charmed life for almost 60 years, this watch retains all its original attributes, including an uncracked bakelite bezel insert. The original gilt dial is showing some age, but has incredible strong and rich gold colored printing. With similar bezels alone bringing close to $30k, this is a great watch to have!


Original steel case has worn lugs with rounded edges. It has wear expected for a watch of this age, and shows no signs of recent detailing. Lugs are still quite thick and can take a polish to restore some edges if so desired by its new owner. Numbers between the lugs have slight porosity, but are both clearly visible.


Original gilt dial with radium has spotting and damage as shown. It has a very strong look and its evenly aged surface looks very attractive. Original hands have slightly discolored tritium. The original bakelite insert has no cracks, only surface scratches and wear. The paint under the bezel has aged and discolored, but it has a very nice look. Original colors are still rich and vibrant.


Comes on a slightly later USA "JB Champion" manufactured jubilee band in average condition. There is some stretch as the bands tend to have, but it is very wearable and looks perfect on the wrist.







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