Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Ref. 18348 "Green Enamel and Pave Diamods"

18348: This is an exceptionally rare Day-Date featuring a special execution dial manufactured for Rolex by the artisans at Stern Créations. The dial is made of solid gold and the 240 stones are set by hand into it after the enamel is fired in an oven. Painstakingly hand made, only Stern had the expertise and knowledge to create such a fine dial. Made in a series of four colors (Red, green, blue, and white) this is the first green one that I have ever seen on the market. No doubt one of the rarest Day-Date dials, and also one of the very few Rolex dials not to have SWISS written on the bottom.


Case is in excellent almost new condition. The caseback still retains the green sticker with the reference number affixed. Original factory bezel with 46 stones is also in excellent condition.


Dial is in excellent as new condition. The green parts of the dial are hard fired enamel. 240 colorless diamonds are mounted on the dial.


Comes on a very rare factory president band with pave center links. Each center link has 12 diamonds set on it. The band is full length, with 6 screw removable links.







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