Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 6536 "Transitional four-line RED Depth"

6536: What a rare bird! Perhaps one of the first "RED" Submariners to have been manufactured, this watch exhibits several interesting and rare characteristics. First off, the case although labeled 6536, is actually an early 6538 case. The shape of the lugs and thickness betray the true identity of the case. In this batch, many of the cases were actually numbered 6538 with the 8 crossed out and serial numbers also crossed out. While this watch does not have this characteristic, it does show the case back numbered 6538 and 6536 with the 6538 being similarly crossed out. The interesting dial combination also is unique, making this one of the first transitional sports watches ever to come out of Rolex. Truly an amazing watch.


Case is in very good to excellent condition. Lugs are thick and have a sharp and well defined edge. Original bezel insert has wear around the edges and while it sits inside the bezel ring, its adhesion is assisted by glue.


Orignal aged dial in very good condition. Printing is crisp and sharp, but shows aging most likely caused by radiation burn from the luminous. Hands have aged to a dark color that although does not match the tone of the dial, looks very pleasing together.


Comes on a custom vintage style strap with a TPT buckle.







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