Rolex Steel Datocompax Triple-Date Chrono "Jean-Claude Killy" 6236 TA191

6236: It is very rare to find one of these watches, let alone a "Virgin" example from the estate of the original owner. He wore it from when he purchased it until the chrono function would no longer work properly, putting it away to be serviced. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, the watch was forgotten inside his desk drawer, where it sat for many many years. The watch has since been repaired, and chrono and movement are running perfectly. I have chosen not to polish the case, in order to keep it in its original configuration. The dial is gorgeous, and still retains all the original luminous on the tips of the indexes. The Rolex modified 72C movement is absolutely pristine, and the caseback bears no service marks, corroborating that the watch had never been sent for service. The watch is a very early serial number for a 6236, dating it to 1958. This is truly a magnificent and important piece, which would surely be one of the most prized pieces within any collection.


Excellent condition.


Unrestored original dial with sunken markers and Rolex coronet in excellent condition. Hands are original to the watch. Original domed crystal.


Riveted oyster-link bracelet with 12 links in excellent condition. Clasp dated 1/71.







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