Rolex Submariner Gilt Dial "Top Quality"

Ref. 5513: A simply stunning specimen of a gilt dial 5513 Submariner. Like a time capsule, the watch has a razor sharp bezel and a dial to die for. Matching hands, yada get the point. This watch is amazing.


You all know my aversion to the word "unpolished", but this is about as close as it gets if there ever were such a thing as an unpolished case. Well defined factory finish lugs from all angles, razor sharp numbers between the lugs. The bezel teeth are perfect and feel sharp enough to cut your fingers. The caseback has no service marks, and the movement looks pristine. We opened the watch to take these pictures, and this very well could have been the first time that its been opened since leaving the factory.


Unblemished perfect glossy gilt dial with nice domed original luminous. The hue of the lume matches hands and pearl perfectly, and is as good as it gets. The original domed crystal is still fitted on the watch.


The bracelet is an original swiss 7206 band with 80 end pieces. There is minimal wear, with only a few small marks. It is sized to 11 links (4/7) but additional links can be added easily.







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