Rolex Submariner Ref. 5512 "Gilt Four-Line Dial"

Ref. 5512: Another stunning top quality gilt dial Submariner brought to you by 10 Past Ten! This remarkable four line 5512 features a deep glossy dial and an amazing case that has gently aged but sharp edges and chamfers. One of the best examples of this variant that we've ever seen. Truly a magnificent example.


Case is in excellent condition. There are small dings and marks on the surface of the case, but it retains all its original chamfered edges and has very thick lugs. Original satin finish on top of lugs and crown guards can still be seen. Numbers between the lugs are nice and clean and easily visible to the naked eye. Caseback is dated VI 1966.


Original tritium gilt glossy dial is in near mint condition. There are no swirls or visible scratches on the dial. Aberrations seen in the pics are from the crystal, which may have a few small marks on it. Original bezel insert has faded to a pleasing grey color and has a few scratches. Dial has beautifully aged and 'domed' luminous which have not been broken. The lume on the dial hands and bezel pearl all match. The hands have some slight corrosion to the metal as shown in the pictures.


Comes on a USA rivet band with 12 links. It is in excellent condition with slight stretch. The band is dated 1967.







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