The Horological Minute

With The Horological Minute, Eric Ku and 10 Past Ten engage in a fascinating dialog with collectors and members of the watch industry, as they discuss anything and everything about watches. Think of it as the Proust Questionnaire for the watch aficionado.

Jason Singer

This week we feature Dr. Jason Singer on the Horological Minute.

Edmond Saran

This week, we feature on the Horological Minute, investor/collector Edmond Saran.

Jay Meisel

This week we feature our very good friend, Dr. Jay Meisel.

Morgan King

The legendary collector Morgan King really needs no introduction.

Rick Orrick

A reformed Panerai collector (We've all been there right?!) who has now converted his collection to a Rolex centric one, Rick Orrick is a great guy.

Kyle O'Connor

This week, we bring to you an interview with Kyle O'Connor, the proprietor of OC Watch Company.


This week we bring to you an interview with the mysterious Queuecumber.

Marlon De Simone

We are starting off 2015 with an interview with our dear friend Marlon De Simone.

Alessandro Ciani

For the last Horological Minute of the year, we sit down and chat with our friend Alessandro Ciani.

Eric Wind

Today we sit down and chat with Eric Wind, one of the contributors for our favorite watch related website, Hodinkee.

Bernhard Bulang

This week we bring to you an interview with a truly passionate collector.

Audrey Higuera

While people typically go to the small costal town of Carmel-by-the-Sea for golf and leisure, watch aficionados know that the real reason to go is to see all the beautiful watches available at Fourtane Estate Jewelers.