The Horological Minute

With The Horological Minute, Eric Ku and 10 Past Ten engage in a fascinating dialog with collectors and members of the watch industry, as they discuss anything and everything about watches. Think of it as the Proust Questionnaire for the watch aficionado.

Paul Maudsley

This week’s Horological Minute features Paul David Maudsley, International Director of the Watch Department for Bonhams Auctioneers.

Carl Victor

Don't let his youthful facade deceive you, but Carl Victor lives and breathes watches.


Folex owners beware, there's a horological Batman out there and he's looking for you!

Reginald Brack

Reginald Brack is truly a man that wears many hats.

Guido Pugliese

This week, we are featuring Italian collector Guido Pugliese

Luciano Buscarini

Luciano is a well known and respected scholar and collector from Italy.

Roberto Randazzo

It's my pleasure this week to feature Roberto Randazzo.

Jeff Harris

If there were such a thing as a hall of fame for watch dealers, Jeff would be one of the inaugural inductees.

Jessica Benhaim

Today we are proud to feature our first (hopefully of many) lady interviewee on the Horological Minute, Jessica Benhaim.

Ross Povey

An expert on all things Tudor, Ross Povey has quickly become one of the go to guys to contact when you've got a question about that peculiar engraving on the back of your Tudor, or anything about your Tudor for that matter.

Andrew Shear

This week's Horological Minute features New York based dealer and collector, Andrew Shear

Jia Xian Su

Jia Xian Su (SJX) runs the eponymous website WatchesbySJX, which is viewed by countless collectors and industry insiders on a daily basis.