The Horological Minute

With The Horological Minute, Eric Ku and 10 Past Ten engage in a fascinating dialog with collectors and members of the watch industry, as they discuss anything and everything about watches. Think of it as the Proust Questionnaire for the watch aficionado.

John Field

Many of you know him as Beaumont Miller II on the various forums, but his real name is John Field.

Mr. P AKA. "1665 Collector"

This week we're featuring a collector known to many of you on IG as "1665Collector".

Roger Townsend

Well known to all Rolex collectors, and a seasoned veteran of the vintage Rolex scene, Roger is the Managing Director of the Vintage Rolex Forum.

Matthew Green

Matthew Green A fifth generation jeweler, Matthew Green has been living and breathing Rolex since he was born.

Ethan Newton

If you know men's fashion, then you know Ethan Newton.

Jean-Paul Menicucci

You may not know him by name, but if you're wearing your watch on a leather strap, chances are you're wearing one of his creations.


If one browses watches on Instagram, chances are you follow this guy.

Philipp Stahl

The very first guest on the Horological Minute really needs no introduction..

Eric Ku

To celebrate the launch of the new 10 Past Ten, Eric has decided to lead by example, and be the subject of the very first Horological Minute